Land Defense System

Armadillo is one of the lightest, most compact and fastest rocket launchers on the global market. Designed and developed for extreme operating conditions, the vehicle has high offensive power and can retract the rocket launch system during the non-offensive phase. With 1 module in its launching pod + 3 modules in its ammunition compartment, it is possible to shoot more than 70 70mm rockets in a few minutes.

Multiple applications in army operations

  • Supplement to the artillery battery
  • Border monitoring
  • Special operations
  • Advanced artillery post

Armadillo provides a furtive launch solution, operational in a few seconds

  • icone peso

    Light and agile

  • icone recarregamento

    Fast realoading system

  • icone militar

    Multiple purposes

  • Integrated communication allowing greater operational coverage area
  • Advanced navigation system that allows location even with loss of GPS signal
  • High mobility and low center of gravity during displacements and positions for launch. (non-offensive phase)
  • Operated in all weather conditions – Heavy rain, sandstorm, extreme heat and cold
  • Indirect fire range: 10km
  • Quick module reload
  • Direct fire range: 3km

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