The BGB series is the national version of the MK project. It is developed in accordance with all international standards (NATO / MIL) and with quality assurance.

The production process is carried out entirely by Mac Jee, from the creation of the initial project, to the forging and filling of the products.

The BGB series is available in the following versions:

  • 81
  • 82
  • 83
  • 84
Logotipo Mac Jee BGB - Colorido

Customizable project

Fuses are safety devices that guarantee the best functioning of the BGB series. By default, we use mechanical impact models (M904 / M905), which can be replaced by electronic versions.

All BGB versions are available in the following bodies:

  • Cold Forged
  • Fragmented

There is also the Anti-Bunker BPB 2000 (Adaptation of BLU-109)

Filling can also be customized to meet customer demand, varying between all types of energetic materials produced by Mac Jee.

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